The Art of Feeling Good

I accept and I surrender to this moment. I feel good because it feels good

Feeling good means different things for different people. If you are battling an illness, then any moments of relief are times when you feel good. Relief from pain in any amount provides optimism and hope for a positive outcome.

For others, feeling good means having the freedom to do whatever they want in any moment without having to worry about what is going on with the body, expecting to have the energy to carry them through all that they choose to pursue.

Still others have no idea what it is like to feel good. They are dealing with chronic pain, grief, depression or anger.

For me, remembering that the time I have here is limited always cheers me up in a strange way. It sounds morbid but it is actually quite liberating. Being finite reminds me to be fine, to choose to enjoy what is around me and to live in the moment as opposed to fighting and resisting it.

I am blessed. I live in a country where my rights are protected, where I have freedom and the ability to provide myself with everything I need to thrive as opposed to just survive.

Many people are not as fortunate.

It would be a shame to find fault in the life that I live. I have access to clean water whenever I want it, to food that is affordable, and I am able to choose what I spend my time doing in exchange for money to live.

I can move without being monitored, I can talk or not talk to people as I wish, and I can feel reasonably safe that by being mindful I can limit my exposure to danger.

In other words, I am living a life that millions of people around the world can only dream about.

To take this for granted would be ridiculous. Yet for some reason we do.

People argue with their neighbours over any encroachments on their space, not realizing how fortunate they are to be able to own property.

People get upset if the internet is slow or if the power goes out, not understanding what life could be like in a blackout.

I don’t dwell on thinking of these things though, as I am not big on conjuring up worst-case dramas to entertain myself.

I choose instead to see the riches around me, and to be thankful in every moment that my current circumstances support my ability to look beyond the needs of the physical and explore the inner workings of the mind.

Every morning when my eyes open, I am thankful. I am alive for another day to do what I choose to do. I am thankful for my bed and the roof over my head and the ability to control the temperature of my surroundings.

I am beyond thrilled that I have access to a bathroom with plenty of hot and cold water and that I don’t have to struggle to take care of my basic needs like my ancestors did.

I turn a light on and the darkness is gone, and all of my appliances and electronics are waiting for me to turn them on when I need them.

I breathe in deeply, appreciative that I can do so freely without needing to wear a mask or to be frightened by poor air quality.

I am here for another day, and I have everything around me that will make that day as wonderful as I choose it to be.

This is the art of feeling good.

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