Being Fit, Feeling Good – The Daily, July 28, 2020

Express yourself fully and seek your highest potential. Nature never holds back

“From the bodybuilding days on, I learned that everything is reps and mileage. The more miles you ski, the better a skier you become; the more reps you do, the better your body.” 
― Arnold Schwarzenegger

“If I hadn’t lost my hearing, I wouldn’t be where I am now. It forced me to maximize my own potential. I have to be better than the average person to succeed.” 
― Lou Ferrigno

The human body is an amazing thing. If you are alive in any form, then you have the ability to change it in any way you choose. No matter how old you are , it is possible to build muscle, gain cardiovascular strength, lose fat, and be a bit healthier every day. By eating less and moving more, the weight will come off and every system will function better. When you remove toxins and harmful substances from the diet, you can change the way you feel almost overnight. The body is one of the most forgiving things there is and it is never too late to make changes to support it in all it does.

In many cases, and especially if you are overweight, the best thing to do if you aren’t feeling well is to go on a medically-supported fast. Even switching to a raw plant-based diet for a few weeks can assist the body to heal on its own. Consider the possibilities, do some research, talk to your doctor and explore the idea that reaching optimum health is in your own hands.

Touchy-Feely – The Moon is in Scorpio all day, and it is a good time to get in touch with our feelings. How are you doing? Really ponder this question for a moment. Many of us are trying to find a sense of normalcy but it isn’t easy. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and those close to you during these challenging times. Find ways to cope without resorting to harmful behaviours like excessive drinking or mindlessly watching television and do something that makes you feel good. Going for a long walk, reading a good book, or decluttering part of your house are calming activities that help soothe an anxious mind.

Thought of the Day – The end of July is approaching, and summer continues to slide by in all of its magnificence and growth. Flowers are abundant, new life is everywhere, and the days are long and warm. Appreciate that the Earth supports our ability to thrive and to be alive. Everything that we need is already here, and we should appreciate it more. Have a special Tuesday.

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity… and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.” 
― William Blake

The Art of Feeling Good

I accept and I surrender to this moment. I feel good because it feels good

Feeling good means different things for different people. If you are battling an illness, then any moments of relief are times when you feel good. Relief from pain in any amount provides optimism and hope for a positive outcome.

For others, feeling good means having the freedom to do whatever they want in any moment without having to worry about what is going on with the body, expecting to have the energy to carry them through all that they choose to pursue.

Still others have no idea what it is like to feel good. They are dealing with chronic pain, grief, depression or anger.

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