Positive Expectations

We all came together in Costa Rica to become yoga teachers. We manifested the reality and I’m so glad we did!

The Secret was supposed to be the answer to all of our problems. If we just thought hard enough about what we wanted to see manifested in our lives, then we would easily attract all of our dreams.

How is that working for you?

There seems to be a new backlash now against the law of attraction, because so many of us tried manifesting and it didn’t work. When we looked out and didn’t see the new car in the driveway after a few months we figured it just wasn’t real.

Is it enough though to just visualize something that you want, repeating affirmations endlessly and the thing will magically show up?

There is something missing from how the law really works and what we were told to do.

They forgot to tell us that what we believe with the subconscious mind is what we will attract into our reality.

If you believe that it is possible for other people to get rich but you don’t deserve it, or that money is at the root of all evil, then you will be poor. It won’t matter how much you wish you weren’t.

If your underlying beliefs are that the world is a cruel place and that there is injustice everywhere, then the proof of that is what you will manifest for yourself.

Many of our false beliefs are formed in childhood or are given to us by the people around us, like family or teachers. Their self-imposed limitations or expectations can become yours when you accept them without questioning them.

It isn’t enough to wistfully wish for something when deep down you believe that it won’t work, that it just isn’t a real possibility.

It is these deepest thoughts that we may be unaware of that manifest as our reality.

Successful people believe that they will succeed. Even if something takes away all of their money and they have to start over, they know that they can do it and they do. There are many stories of people who were rich, lost everything, and then rose from the ashes to become even richer than they were before.

That’s why winners win and losers lose. Losers give up when things don’t go their way, because their belief tells them that no matter what they do it won’t matter. They will fail because they always have, and believe they always will.

Winners are positive that they can overcome any adversity. They don’t ask why something is happening to them, they look beyond that and find the opportunity to get back on track and work around any obstacles that come up.

Your deep-seated beliefs are the drivers of your car. They will either steer you around trouble or right into it, depending on what you believe to be your reality.

No amount of positive thinking will change these beliefs. First you have to know what they are, uncover them from where they hide and expose them to the light of truth.

If one person has succeeded at something, then it is within the realm of possibility that you can too. Find that one person and figure out how he did it. Model that behaviour until you can replicate it yourself.

Even just knowing that something works for someone else is enough. Stop making excuses, because those beliefs are what is killing your opportunity to live the life of your dreams.

It is time to ask yourself what you believe and expose the limiting ones to the light of reason.

Money is not at the root of all evil. It is a currency, a form of exchange that we use in the world and nothing more.

Life isn’t fair or unfair. Judging what is doesn’t put you in a state to accept and move forward. Things are what they are, and nothing is fair or unfair. It just is.

Find out what your deep-seated beliefs are and ferret out the ones that are holding you back. Then begin to understand why they are false.

That is the true secret for successfully using the law of attraction.

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