Mind Off, Creativity On

Beautiful Lake Ontario. It’s easy to allow creativity to flow when surrounded by nature’s perfection

Clarity comes through in the silence. Those wonderful moments of inspiration that come to all of us, when we know that we have stumbled on a good idea, are joyous moments indeed.

Then we don’t write down the idea, certain that we will remember it later and then of course having no recollection of what it was.

This happens to me in the middle of the night. I wake up and there it is, the best idea for something to write or a new business endeavour I could undertake. I go back to sleep knowing that this idea is brilliant.

In the morning, I wake up and it is gone.

I know I have written wonderful screenplays and novels in my sleep. Too bad no one else will get to see them because I have no recollection of what they were.

This mistake doesn’t happen to me anymore because it is too frustrating.. Now I wake up and write down what the wonderful idea is, and if I can read my writing in the morning then it’s a perfect system.

Using the creative faculties that lie just beneath our surface awareness is where the magic lies. Albert Einstein used to take creative naps. He would close his eyes and doze off for a few minutes, often awakening with a new solution to a problem he had been working on.

This is where learning to quiet the mind can be so useful when seeking the answers to problems or trying to come up with something to write or invent.

Where do these moments of inspiration come from? Who cares! It is enough to know that they will come if you let them.

The shower is another great place for creativity to flourish. If you can stop the incessant flow of thoughts and just enjoy the feeling of the water, there will be enough space in your mind for something to come through. That is my favourite place to come to realizations about things while not actually thinking about them.

Sitting in formal meditation can be intimidating for many people. It may seem like a waste of time when you have so many important things going on and barely enough time just to survive the day.

For people who don’t have ten minutes to meditate, it is said that they should do twenty.

The brilliance in life lies in the creative discoveries we make along the way. Whatever you spend your days doing, there is a way to find meditative moments that can provide the clarity for new ideas to be born.

Walking can be a great time to still the mind. It doesn’t feel natural at first, but practicing not thinking while you are going from one place to another can help you achieve a feeling of peace within.

These moments of quiet non-thinking can allow you to come to realizations that may ultimately increase your productivity and make you more effective in every area of life.

The answers to our questions are there, but sometimes everything is too loud for us to hear them. Talking about a problem you have with someone who truly knows how to listen without interrupting can be a great way for you to uncover what you already know.

Trust that the wisdom is within, and the solutions for everything you need to deal with are there. 

And make sure to write them down. You don’t want to dream the next Game of Thrones series and not record it for all to enjoy.

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