Hiding from life is a crime against yourself!

The mind is an interesting thing. Because it is such a good movie maker, the mind can propel us towards our goals or prevent us from even starting. Fear of change is often to blame for why we stop before we even get started.

In my experience, I can get excited about a new idea or project but within two minutes I can think of multiple ways in which it won’t work. This can sometimes stop me from even trying.

But what if the movie played differently? What if my time was spent thinking about all of the ways it could work and then go from there?

For example, I wanted to write a book. I was excited about the idea, but then I thought about how much work it was going to be, and what was I going to write about, and who was going to read it anyways!

I stopped and looked at what was holding me back, and it was the fear of failure. This tends to be at the root of most of our insecurities. We stop before we even start because we are afraid to fail.

I thought about what my life would look like if I allowed this fear to rule me. I was just going to get older and then eventually die, all without even attempting to pursue something that I really wanted to do.

When you think about it, failure doesn’t even exist. You may produce an unintended result but it doesn’t need to be labelled a failure. It is like following a map. Sometimes you veer off course, but you make adjustments and get back on the path and continue in the direction of your destination.

It doesn’t matter how many times you veer off, as long as you make corrections and continue to steadily advance. That is progress, and that is the way to accomplish anything you desire.

Sometimes as you travel along the path, you find out that the original destination isn’t where you want to go anymore. That’s called life! It’s moving through each day and living and experimenting that is the purpose.

Bring joy and love to everything you do, and continually create and follow your dreams. The doing itself isn’t important, it is the feelings you generate through the act of doing.

We are human beings, after all, not human doings. Enjoy the process, live with joy and bliss in your heart, and move gracefully through the world in every way. Regret nothing and enjoy everything, and see how things unfold!

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