Be Who You Want to Be – Take Action

You don’t have to move fast, but you do need to move

This is it. You may have decided that you are going to make some big changes in your life. It could be a change in careers, moving, leaving or starting a relationship, or going back to school.

Now what?

I have done these things – all of them – so many times over the last few decades that I have learned a thing or two about myself during the process.

I have lived in other countries, switched careers four times, gone back to school full-time while still working, started and ended long-term relationships, and moved more times than I can count.

In other words, I have lived a life full of changes all of the time.

They say that some of the most stressful things we face are changing jobs, having relationships end, and moving. Having survived all of these things, I now look back and feel that it is more stressful to remain in a situation when you are miserable than to make a change.

Change is a part of life. Everything around us changes, and we change too, no matter how much we try not to.

Don’t become so fearful of change that you become stuck. 

There is only so much planning you can do before you need to take action. Sometimes it is better to just take the plunge and forge ahead, trusting that things will work out.

Even if they don’t work out the way you thought they might, you will have produced a new result. Start from where you are and go from there.

If you are truly resistant to change, but at the same time you are miserable with where and who you are, then this is an insane way to live. The split within yourself will cause physical symptoms and have long-term consequences on both your mental and physical health.

I understand – it is scary. I know. Every time I make one of these big life decisions, I am terrified that I am making a huge mistake.

But then I remember that happiness is the ultimate goal in life, and I operate from that position of strength.

For me, the most important thing was learning to move towards something and not to run away from something else. There is a big difference.

Again, it is important to separate who you are from what you do. If you are an unhappy person, then nothing on the outside is going to change that. You will bring yourself into any new situation that you create.

It is never about what you do, it is who you are and what you bring to the doing that is important. You can attract what you desire in your life by being what you want on the inside. You can’t find happiness, you are happiness.

The biggest illusion that prevents us from pursuing our dreams is thinking that we have time. Time is out of your control. You may be here for many more years, or you may not. It is the one unknown that makes life exquisitely precious.

There are only so many days ahead of you. Decide now how you want to spend them, and then take action.

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