The Right Way to Live – The Daily, May 12, 2020

The roots are where they are supposed to be. Life has an intelligence all of its own

“I could deny it if I liked. I could deny anything if I liked.” 
― Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

Life goes on. It has to – there are no options. You are either living or not.

Some people choose to live with hesitation, going out into the world only when necessary and living the same day over and over. It’s neither good nor bad, it is just one way of going through life. Other people are constantly on the move, cramming as much activity into each day as they can.

Some people need to feel adrenaline to be alive. Roller coasters, fast cars, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, and parachuting are all activities designed to give that rush, that sensation of being in control but only by a thread. Others would never think of doing anything like that. It’s a personal choice.

Allowing others to express themselves in their own way is a beautiful way to live. It allows you the freedom to choose the same for yourself. Just remember the Golden Rule and then go about whatever you want to do. There are millions of different ways to live a life.

Mercury in Gemini – The planet Mercury has made its way into Gemini and will remain there until the end of the month. It’s a time of communication and satisfying curiosity. The mind can be more active and energetic which can help with developing new ideas or business ventures. Go with the flow and allow yourself to explore new possibilities.

Thought of the Day – Reach out to someone and see how they are doing. Keep the lines of communication open now more so than ever. Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move because time has a way of getting away from us. It’s never too late until it is.

“If you contemplate the Golden Rule, it turns out to be an injunction to live by grace rather than by what you think other people deserve.” 
― Deepak Chopra

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