Losing Our Sense of Reality – The Daily, May 8, 2020

Advice for today – don’t pet an alligator. Don’t be reckless with your valuable life

Nothing feels the same anymore. As we move towards a different way of being, many of us are trying to bring the past with us. It won’t work. Clinging to the familiar and not allowing the changes that have happened is a form of denial. Try as we might, we can’t make it all go away.

It’s human nature to assume that anything that changes against our will is automatically going to be worse. What if it all works out and is better? What if we look back in a couple of years and say that, although it was a very difficult and tragic time, things actually needed to change and now life has improved?

It’s one different way to look at the situation. There are many.

Mental Health – Our resistance to change is natural, and we all need to deal with it. Some are doing better than others. Make sure that you are kind to others right now, even if you are feeling frightened and threatened yourself, because it’s difficult to fully understand what anyone else is feeling.

From The State newspaper in South Carolina came news a few days ago about an alligator killing a woman who went to take a picture of it and then tried to touch it. Her apparent lack of fear, even when being pulled under the water is astounding.

The story as told in The State:

The pair were on the porch when Covert reportedly became “fascinated” with the alligator, according to the report.

When Covert went down to the pond to take pictures of the large reptile, Howell said she screamed “very loudly for Covert to get back from the water” and warned that an alligator had recently snatched a deer from the same spot.

“I don’t look like a deer,” Covert reportedly responded before trying to touch the alligator.

Howell’s husband, William Howell, told deputies he then “ran down the (porch) steps yelling.” 

That’s when the alligator grabbed Covert’s leg, according to the report.

Neighbor Michael Clawson said he heard screaming and came out to see what was wrong, at which point Howell reportedly asked Clawson for a rope to help remove Covert from the animal’s grip.

According to the report, Covert held the rope in her hands as they tried to yank her from waist-deep water when “she stated in a very calm voice, ‘I guess I won’t do this again.’”

The alligator then rolled, causing her to lose her grip on the rope before being dragged under, the sheriff’s office said.
Read more here: https://www.thestate.com/news/state/south-carolina/article242519761.html#storylink=cpy

Mercury in Taurus – Mercury and the sun are both in Taurus right now, and this is a good time to be logical and practical. Mercury rules the mind and affects how we think and communicate. The steadiness and solid earth sign of Taurus is paving the way for logic to reign supreme. It’s a great time to make solid plans and create strong foundations for the future.

Mercury leaves Taurus on May 11th. Use this time to make real plans, and then act on them.

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