Your Body Needs You!

Teaching yoga in Costa Rica – breathing and checking in with the body

If you saw someone close to you being mistreated, you would step up in a heartbeat and do whatever was necessary to help them out. We are amazingly heroic in times of need, performing feats of strength and courage that we didn’t even know were in us.

So where are you when your body is crying to you for help?

I honestly see people treat their cars better than they do their bodies. We take things for granted, assuming that our bodies will just figure it out, never paying much attention to the little signs that creep up.

I implore you – start paying attention!

It’s so much simpler to deal with issues when they are small, whether it’s seeing a doctor, watching your diet, losing a little weight or getting more exercise.

Don’t wait until your body is screaming for help and you are forced to do something. Sometimes by then, it’s too late.

Five Signs Your Body Needs You

  1. Something is different – It could be your sleep patterns, your appetite, gaining or losing weight for no reason, or a pain somewhere that lingers and had no cause that you remember. Change is not always good.
  2. You are tired all the time – We lead busy lives. Sleep is usually the first thing we neglect when life gets crazy. But sleep is when your body heals and repairs itself. If you are tired, your body is sending a message. This is one you need to listen to.
  3. You are angry, or sad, or depressed – If you spend most of your days experiencing these strong emotions, your body is feeling it too. Your emotions affect your physical well-being more than you realize. Reach out for help to deal with whatever you are dealing with.
  4. You just don’t feel good – It’s nothing you can pinpoint, but you know that something isn’t right. Overall soreness, fatigue, brain fog and a lack of interest in doing anything could be a sign that something is up. Pay attention and maybe schedule that trip to the doctor sooner rather than later.
  5. Pain – This is the body’s ultimate alarm system. Something is wrong. Do not ignore pain, as it is there for a reason and you need to find out why.

Your body is depending on you to take care of it. It is like a helpless child, having to deal with a tough environment and being neglected at the same time.

Step up and be the loving parent your body needs you to be!

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  1. Dawn, love you horse picks, fitness lifestyle, and outlook on life. Do you ever travel down south to the US?

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