Think Only of What You Want

My view from my balcony on Canada Day – fireworks always bring our awareness to the present moment

When you truly become aware that you are in control of your thoughts, your life can change instantly.

Some people never recognize this potential within themselves. They feel that everything happens to them by chance, and that they have no control over the circumstances of life.

This just isn’t true.

While it is true that as children we have very little control over our life situation, as we get older we are able to design our lives in whatever way we choose.

Our thoughts and emotions play the biggest role in who we are and who we will become.

To become who you want to be, it is necessary to take responsibility for your thoughts. No one can do this for you. By taking control of what you think about all day long, you can design what your life looks like on the outside.

This is where it becomes important to think only of what you want. It makes no sense to think of undesirable outcomes. Although it can be human nature to worry about worst-case scenarios, it is not a productive thing to do.

Ponder this for a moment. If you truly knew without a doubt that what you think about expands in your life, would you pay much closer attention to what is going on in your mind?

Unfortunately, we tend to allow our thoughts to run wild without noticing what we could be attracting. It is important to remember that we become what we think about all day.

The easiest way to become conscious of thought is to be present to yourself in every moment. This is not the normal state of consciousness that our society promotes.

Quite literally, we are lost in thought.

When bombarded with situations outside of ourselves over which we have no control, by staying in the moment we can remain peaceful inside and operate from a position of strength.

Through the use of meditation, breath work, and putting conscious awareness into the sensations of the body, it becomes much easier to remain in a state that is supportive of aware thinking.

When this becomes your natural state of being, you begin to realize that it makes no sense to think of things you don’t want.

We tell ourselves and each other stories all of the time and this isn’t necessary. The past is only important for how it is relevant in the present. The future is a fictitious creation of which we have no knowledge.

Operating in the present is engaging in life from a position of strength. If something happens that requires action, the response will be appropriate to the situation.

It is only the present moment that is real.

In this moment, you have the power to create your life as you choose. Think only of what you want and you will begin to attract exactly that. You will know what action to take to get to where you want to go.

Leave the past behind. Let the future unfold as it will. Put your strength into the present and learn to use the mind to build the life of your dreams.

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