Seeking Perfection, Finding Resistance

New moon, time to plan. Full moon, time to act. Moments unfolding in perfection, always

I sure wish I had… I really wish I was… Oh how different things could be if…

Now fill in the blanks. 

When I think of these statements and fill in my own blanks, I am one step closer to knowing what my dreams are. And in that knowing, I now have the power to make those things my reality.

I developed the crutch of seeking perfection at a young age. Now I know that the perfection I thought I was working towards was just an excuse not to get started. 

At the root of perfectionism lies the seed of procrastination.

Think about it. By delaying beginning something that moves you in the direction of your deepest wishes and desires, you are allowing fear to hold you back. The need to wait until everything is perfect is an excuse not to try.

This is the biggest mistake and a time-stealer that we allow ourselves to make. There is only so much time, and wasting it is stealing form yourself.

It’s time to let go of the need to be perfect and just move forward, acting as though you were guaranteed to find success in anything you choose to do.

When you truly desire to do something and you would do it just for the love of it, then that is your dream. With a true dream, the ability to achieve it is always part of the package.

Indulge in the thought that your success is guaranteed. If your dream is something that you would do even if you had $300 million in the bank, then that is something worth working towards.

It is the pleasure of the journey that is the true success.

We are all different. The path to get somewhere will look different for everyone. Start where you are and move from there.

If you did know what to do to start to capture those dreams, what would it be? The easiest thing to do is find someone who is already doing it and start to model them. 

If it’s something that no one else has done, then take a step that makes sense to you and go from there. 

The only thing you have to do is to begin. 

And do yourself a favour – write down your thoughts and feelings along the way. Some day someone will want to do what you are doing, and you can share your roadmap with them. 

What does your success story look like? Start today to find out!

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