Just For Today Part Two

Leading the way, walking my own path in Costa Rica with the lovelies

Today, I will decide who I want to be and what I want to accomplish. I will take steps forward to realize my dreams.

Today, I will allow everything that comes within my sphere to be exactly what it is. I will not attempt to change anyone into who I think they should be. If they are harming me emotionally or physically, then I will remove myself from the situation.

Today, I will believe who others tell me they are. This can be through the words they use, but it can also be from the intuition I have about them. I will trust the feelings I get because they are acting in my own good.

Today, I accept that everything that comes to me is what I need. What I need is not always what I want, but it is there for a reason.

Today, I will treat everything as though it is a miracle. Every person I meet, every bird I see, every cloud that is in the sky is an amazing creation and I will treat it with the reverence it deserves.

Today, I will not assume that I know anything about anybody. We all present ourselves to the world in various ways, and we are all wearing masks. I will remember that I am encountering divine beings and will not define people by the personas they have assumed.

Today, the assumptions I always make will not limit how I deal with the world around me. I will stay in the moment and treat every encounter as a new meeting. I will not judge people by preconceived notions I have created for them.

Today, I will appreciate everything that has happened to me and is happening to me. I know that the moments that were challenging were necessary for my growth and for the unfolding of my consciousness. I appreciate all of the gifts that I have been given.

Today, I will tread as lightly as possible in the world. I will leave a trail of positive energy everywhere I go.

Today, I will remove myself from negative situations. I am a divine being, and once I recognize that a situation is not in my best interest, I do what it takes to move on.

Today, I will not limit my potential. I will trust that if there is something I truly want to do, then the desire will bring with it the skills that I will need to accomplish it.

Today, I will look for guidance and clarity in what is around me. It could be something I read, or something that someone says, and I will remember that there are no accidents. 

Today, I will learn in every moment. Everywhere I look there are teachers who can help me discover who I truly am and help me to become better every day. I will stay aware and look for the lessons that are there for me.

Today, I won’t assume that something is not working out. Just because it may be unfolding in a different manner than what my expectations were, I will be open to the possibility that it could end up much better than what I had hoped for.

Today, I stay to my path and allow others to walk in theirs. I have no need to try to control anyone, and I respect their right to live their life as they see fit. I will offer advice if asked, but will remember that what I believe isn’t necessarily what will be true for them. I won’t take it personally if it isn’t.

And today, I will remember to enjoy the simple act of breathing. The breath is the first thing that signals we are alive, and it is the final thing that signals our departure from this realm. I will appreciate how good it feels just to breathe and to be alive.

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