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Is it even possible to be content anymore? It seems that as soon as we achieve one goal in life, we instantly move on to the next one.

The question is, is that a good thing or a bad one?

It all depends on your point of view. If the constant striving is driven by a feeling of not having or being enough, then it can be a problem.

If you aren’t able to enjoy what you already have and are constantly envious of what others possess, then the striving will never be enough.

You will always feel empty inside.

If, on the other hand, you chase after goals because you enjoy the process and do it because it challenges you, then that is perfect! Life isn’t meant to ever stop, and by moving in the direction of the things we want we can find enjoyment in every day.

Write down five things you would like to have. It could be more money, a new house or car, a relationship, whatever you think would make your life happier or more complete.

Now look at the list and decide what emotion drives each of the desires. If you want more money, is it because you want to buy things, or you want the security that money can bring? Or is it because you think it will make you happy?

Find out what motivates you. Now find out if you can have the feeling without the thing you are chasing after.

Can you be happy without the money? Can you be satisfied without a new relationship? The key is to find the emotion without needing something outside of yourself to fulfill it.

When you can do that, you are truly free in this world and there is nothing you can’t do, be, or have!

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