Be Who You Want to Be – Planning

Sit, think, and figure it out. You can’t get there if you don’t know where you are going! Photo Credit: Dawn Kay

Would you ask a 16 year old to plan your life for you? Are you in a career now that you decided on many years ago that doesn’t satisfy you? Are you afraid to leave because you have invested so much time into it that you are scared to walk away?

Some people suffer for years because they are following a path that was laid out long ago that no longer resonates with them. Maybe it never did, but they were encouraged to go into a certain line of work by others, usually family.

Yes, we all need to be productive in life, but don’t you envy the people who make a living doing what they are passionate about? Don’t you wish you could wake up every day, excited and anticipating all that is to come?

This is an important thing to think about. We can actually make ourselves physically ill if we are miserable with our lives. Research shows that the rate of heart attacks increases on Monday mornings.

While this may be due to a weekend lifestyle that isn’t exactly healthy, it is often attributed to a dissatisfaction with work.

These days many people face gruelling commutes to get to work, horrible bosses, work that doesn’t interest them, and stress that doesn’t support their health. We endure the suffering because we have to make a living, get ahead, buy more stuff, impress the neighbours, and make our family proud.

We are literally killing ourselves to keep up appearances that aren’t who we truly are.

If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

If you are unhappy, know that you can change your life situation. It is important to separate your life from the situation, to be able to find peace and happiness within before trying to get it from outside of yourself.

Sometimes the activities that we enjoyed as children hold clues to what our passions are. Think back and try to remember when you were the happiest and what you were doing.

This can be difficult if you had a challenging childhood, but try to remember a time when you felt joyful and at peace. If you can’t remember anything then imagine what you think would be a great way to make a living.

Everything begins with a dream.

Be honest about what your talents are – we are all good at something, and we can all find a way to make a living doing it. If your passion is your vocation, you will never want to retire, you will be enthusiastic every day, and your life will be full of joy.

We trade our very happiness just to make a living, when we could be creating a life of happiness instead.

Spend some time thinking about this, and your answers might surprise you. Ask yourself, if you were to win the lottery today, what would you do for the rest of your life? Would you start a company, travel, write, shop, watch television – what does your ideal day look like?

Then know that there is a way to make a living doing any of those things, even watching television if you are creative enough.

Dare to dream big, and then allow yourself to explore what a new life would look like. Remember, none of us is here for forever. All will come to an end.

What do you want the time you have left here to look like?

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