Be Who You Want to Be – Focus

I am dwarfed by the magnificence of creation. My problems are meaningless. I choose to live in joy

It can be overwhelming sometimes to know what you want. There are so many choices, so many different options that making a decision and narrowing it down to one can be intimidating.

And that can be just what to have for breakfast!

The world is like a big buffet. No two people are the same, nor do we need to be. We all have basic needs of survival, like having food, shelter and safety. After that, it becomes a choice as to what interests you and how you want to live your life.

Sometimes other people make our choices for us, and if these choices don’t resonate with us then we can feel resentment. As we get older we have the power to reclaim our lives and do what we choose to do.

So why do so many people stay in jobs or careers that they absolutely despise?

Fear is at the root of the inability to choose what you want to do in every moment. The fear of change, or failure, or of disappointing others is strong and can be paralyzing.

We continue doing what we have always done because we are scared of what could happen if we try something else.

But why do we usually think of worst-case scenarios when trying to envision a new possibility for our lives?

We tell ourselves stories all of the time. We make up versions of reality that either support us or stop us from going forward. The stories are all lies, no matter if they are helpful or not.

They simply aren’t true. So if none of them are true, then why choose to believe the ones that stop us from moving forward in the direction we wish to go?

When you begin to understand how powerful intentions are, then you begin to monitor what stories you tell yourself from moment to moment. What you think about today creates your tomorrow. If you think that life is difficult, that you will have to struggle to get anywhere, that you could lose everything, then you are setting up the manifestation for exactly those events to occur.

You are defeated before you even begin. And then you feel justified in having told the stories to yourself that you shouldn’t even try because it was never going to work out.

Do you understand how you created this reality before you even attempted to do something?

Instead, tell yourself that no matter what it takes, you are going to succeed. With this simple statement, you have guaranteed that failure is impossible. Doing whatever it takes implies that there is no deadline, no moment when you will stop trying.

Failure can only happen when you give up. Along the way you will change direction, refine your course as needed, perhaps even modify the original dream into something completely different, but at no point will you give up.

That is how a successful life is lived. If you are constantly striving towards the realization of your dreams, and you live in a joyful, motivated state, then success is guaranteed.

If you are the happiness that you are looking for, then you will need nothing from the external world to make you happy.

No thing, and no one, can make you happy. You either are or you are not. It is a state of being, and it doesn’t come about from outside forces.

If someone or something can make you happy, then the absence of the person or thing can make you unhappy.

How can something outside of yourself make you be anything other than who you are?

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